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    Unhappy How Much Time Can You Get for Domestic Violence

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Florida.
    My ex (son's father) apparently beat up his girlfriend the other night becuase she caught her cheating on him on company grounds. He was let out on his own recognizance but booked with domestice battery by strangulation. It is his first offense every. Court is scheduled for next month. He will probably loose his job (they work for the same company, but different locations). Besides all that, is it possible that he will have to serve time? If so, how long?

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    Default Re: How Much Time Might He Serve, if Any

    Any time there is a criminal charge, serving time is possible. DV Battery by strangulation is a 3rd degree felony (780.041) - if found guilty he could be facing max of 5 years in prison. but most first time charges don't GET the max.

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