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    Thumbs down Check Sent To Recipient, Not Payee

    I love this site, so much great information. As for my post, my daughter got SSI, she was on it most of her life due to bi-polar & lost it because she did drugs went to jail & was one day late coming out to be reinstated, it's a long story, but she had to start all over. She waited 1yr & 9mo & go to see a judge. She got passed & I was her payee as always. I sent all papers in & then called to see why it was so long to get her money. I was told on 800# I was not on as payee so my daughter called & they sd they mailed out her 1st ck for 1,800. & the 603monthly ck would be 9/1, both cks mailed to her! I called the woman who did it & she sd oh, I made a mistake I was in a hurry forgot to put you as payee. I couldn't believe it, I sd she's bi-polar thats why I was made payee, she can't handle her own money. All I got was "sorry" Has anyone ever heard of this happening?

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    Default Re: This is not right!

    Mistakes? Yes, they happen.

    Has this been corrected now? If not, and the SSA won't correct it for you, you may wish to seek a conservatorship over your daughter under your state's laws, then asserting your rights as conservator such that the checks are issued through you.

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