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    Default Can You Break a Lease Due to Noisy Neighbors

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Texas

    Hello, I currently live in an apartment complex that attract alot of College students due to the amenties and housing situation they have. I have not been here a mere 2 months and definitely know that this place is not going to be home. The walls a very thin, which allows me to hear what is going on in my neighbors apartment and outside. When people have parties on their balconies, I hear it. What makes matters worst is that my apartment is located around a lighted, sand volleyball court. I go to sleep around p.m., only to be awaken during the hours of 9p.m.-1 a.m. I go to bed early and wake up early because of work...and the line of work I do does not allow me the luxury of going to work tired and lives can be taken. A month after moving in, I went and talked to an office personnel about a resolution, there answer was to merely call the police since there is no curfew for the volleyball court. A few days ago I went to speak with the Manager and the Assistant Manager, and he stated that he would call me the next day (he never did) about what he's able to do. The Assistant Manager (calling her the next day when I did not hear from the Manager) informed me that they are thinking about turning the electricity off and that she would have the Manager call me on Monday. It is hard for me to see how they will be able to do that when they advertise and showcase that they have a lighted volleyball court.

    Because I have not been able to enjoy the peace and quiet that I am entitled to, I just want out of the lease without having to concern myself with paying a reletting fee or finding someone to sublease (eventhough I have posted ads about subleasing the room). I will be sending the Manager a registered letter outlining the problem and what I would like to do to resolve it. I have been calling the courtesy officer almost every night and have also started taking pictures of the activity outside.

    Am I legally able to terminate my contract and have a leg to stand on if taken to court or what advice do you have in general?


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    Default Re: Terminating Lease

    You are getting the peace and quiet you are entitled to. You moved into a college neighborhood, with a bunch teens and twenty somethings. This is what they do all night. Did you move here from a foreign country? I suggest you move to a normal neighborhood, where families live, when your lease is up.

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    Default Re: Can You Break a Lease Due to Noisy Neighbors

    It's difficult to believe that a lot of these problems would not have been apparent from the moment you first saw the property - many of the things you describe as problems, I expect others in your community would regard as features.

    If the landlord limits hours on the volleyball court to accommodate you and that makes other people angry, that's the landlord's problem. The volleyball court seems to be your principal complaint, so if your landlord addresses it, what more have you asked them to do?

    If your neighbors are violating noise ordinances, you can notify the police. If they are not violating noise ordinances but are making noise in excess of community rules, you can notify your landlord.

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