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    Default Impact of Marriage to Couple on SSDI Benefits

    My question involves marriage law for the State of: Missouri and Michigan. She is on SSDI and used to work with the police department. I am on SSDI and used to work in the Tool and Die industry. I have an income of about $1050 a month, and her about $800 a month. I already have an $560 month Spend down for each month I encounter medical bills, and receive Medicaid and Medicare. She has a spend down, and receives medicaid and Medicare as well. We both receive food stamps. No live in children involved though she has children living with their father. We have regular doctors appointments and monitoring for our health issues.

    Will our incomes be reduced because we are now a couple, where our Disability checks were based on PAST EARNINGS?
    Will our Spend Downs increase because of combined incomes?
    Will our Food Stamp Benefits be reduced if we are in the same household?
    How would our Medicaid and Medicare benefits be affected? Costs?

    I (the man) live in Michigan, but would be relocating to Missouri to be with her (the woman). The fact we are both in different states may complicate things, but we are both struggling on our own, so any loss in benefits will hinder the already existing problems we are facing. How do we approach this situation? I have not gotten to the point of being ready to propose, but I do believe that one day in the near future, I will be certain of the desire. My whole mind set could hinge on the costs, and benefits of our ability to get married. Thank you.

    I am doing some research on this, and hopefully this site will help.

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    Default Re: Impact of Marriage to Couple on SSDI Benefits

    All of your means tested benefits can be affected by your being in a household with a higher combined income and assets. SSD is not means tested, but there is a maximum amount that can be received by a family unit. I suggest looking at benefits calculators on the Social Security website or other sites, and having your fiancee contact a case worker in her state to discuss benefits eligibility should you combine households and assets.

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    Default Re: Impact of Marriage to Couple on SSDI Benefits

    Anytime your situation changes – whether it’s a move, additional or reduced income or someone moving into your household – you should definitely consider the impact this might have on your benefits. While your SSDI benefits may not change, the addition of another person to your household (or you to hers) could mean that the government sees your income differently and may choose to change the benefits you receive accordingly. For example, Medicaid is generally run state by state, so eligibility rules in each state are different. Check with Missouri before you choose to move to make sure you know what their requirements are.

    The good news is that, wherever you move, as long as it’s within the United States, if you continue to collect SSDI and are eligible for Medicare now, you should continue to be eligible for Medicare. But if you choose to move from Michigan to Missouri, you may need to find a new plan. There are Medicare plan selection services that can help you and your girlfriend with that.

    If you decide to move and find yourself in the market for a new Medicare plan, Medicare plan selection services can help you understand which plans are available anywhere you choose to move. A Medicare plan selection service can help you narrow down all the choices in your area or the area to which you’re thinking of moving.

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