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    Question Remaining Registered in a Different State

    My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: Missouri and South Dakota

    My vehicle registration and driver's license are from SD, even though I've lived in Missouri for just over two years. I'm also still on my mom's vehicle insurance policy. In fact, I'm still registered to vote in SD and I have an account at a local credit union in my hometown.

    The reason is that I came to Missouri to attend college in 2009, intending to return to SD for the summer of 2010. I ended up getting a full-time job here in MO for the summer, which has lasted until now. I'm also still taking courses by correspondence from the same college. I don't own or rent a house here, but live at the place where I work. At this point, I'm realizing that I probably won't go back to live at my mom's house, though I may return to SD. I haven't wanted to go to the time and expense of switching everything over to Missouri because I didn't expect to stay at this job so long. My time here has been extended a few times, and right now it's looking like I'll be here until the summer of 2012, though it could be shorter or longer. My plan is not to stay in Missouri once I leave this job. Very likely I'll be going to another state to attend a different college full-time.

    My question is this: am I OK legally in this position, or should I start switching things over to Missouri?


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    Default Re: Remaining Registered in a Different State

    You need to start following the laws of your state, and switch the registration, insurance, your driver's license, etc., over to your state of domicile.

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