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    Default Small Claims Victory, but Appealed

    My question involves small claims court in the state of:nc

    We are currently going to a smalls claims procedure for bad work done to our home. If we win, he said that he will appeal and tie it up. I was reading up on it, and I saw that if a small claims verdict is appealed, it gets dismissed and goes to district court.
    My question is, if this happens can we go after a different amount? We feel he actually owes us 6750.00 but there is a 5000.00 limit in small claims, so that is what we sued for.
    Also, when we win, what can we do to ensure payment in North Carolina. I can tell you he is a contractor/landscaper, has many pieces of large equipment, owns 3 vehicles, owns house.

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    Default Re: Small Claims Victory, but Appealed

    you should keep all of your questions regarding the same situation in the same thread.

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