My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Oregon

What are the options: (if any) -- I'm not paying, & they keep reporting.

Dental office hours not indicated on "new patient form" or office front door. -- I suppose they indicate THEIR "48" hour notice of cancellation on the new patient form...


1. "New patient" -- Dental work done on a Thrusday...

2. they scheduled me for appointment the following TUESDAY. While still drunk on gas.

3. Found out the next day, FRIDAY, I needed to attend a court hearing with my wife on that following TUESDAY.

4. I called the dental office MONDAY (because I figured they're closed Saturday and Sunday), called them @ 10am Monday, to inform I needed to reschedule due to the court hearing.

5. Office assistant tells me I needed to attend the dental appointment or a 'missed appointment' fee would apply ($150.00+) -- she goes on to say I should have left a message on the answering machine within 48 hours of the appointment... I asked what their office hours were... and was told TUESDAY THRU THURSDAY... They're closed FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY and MONDAY!

6. I asked if anyone is in the office on SUNDAY... She said no... I said, EXACTLY... THAT'S WHY I'M CALLING MONDAY MORNING -- and they're telling me they are not "open on Mondays", but I'm talking to them on the phone?... She says, I still should have called SUNDAY TO LEAVE A MESSAGE... (I was not aware of their office hours prior to this call)... But did the best I could to notify nonetheless.

7. I said, forget it, I would deal with their garbage another day and would not reschedule the appointment given their stance. (there was no way in he!! I could be there on that Tuesday)

8. That said, (right or wrong) they continue to play hardball thru a collection agency when I've already tried to reason with them a few months later (given the circumstances above) and even offer 1/2 the fee... They'll have none of it..


So I'm looking for any advice to (A.) keep $150.00+ out of their hands (despite what it may cost 'me') and (B.) cause maximum damage to them in order to make them review their business practices. Anything? -- Or do I just have to notify the dental board?

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