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    Default How Long Does it Take to Settle a Worker's Comp Case

    My question involves workers compensation law for the state of: Georgia
    Ok here is my story

    June 29, 2010 I was injured at my place of employment Walmart Sedgwick CMS is there workers comp provider.
    I lifted a box wrong and i now have Spondoloythesis Between L-5 and S-1 and Degerative Disc problems or something like that

    The day of injury I intially went into an urgent care clinic and was seen was told it was a pulled muscle.
    Went back a week later and was told to see an orthopedic dr.
    The orthopedic dr did xrays and MRI and diagnosesd my painful Spondolysis and Spondolythetis.
    he told me to try physical therapy did it for 5 months and the pain didnt get better at all.
    He sent me to a surgeon for approval workers comp waited two months and finally denied my surgery

    During this time my orthopedic dr wrote orders for me unti lI Have surgery to not be on my feet for more than 4 hrs, no bending, stooping, pulling or pushing anything over 10lbs

    After this workers comp denied my claim my attorney appealed it a month or two later we went to a deposition and then two months later I was fired for unrelated reasons
    I was called the other day by my Attorney and given a settlement offer I was told 30,000
    he told me he would try to get it up to 45 thousand but he couldnt guarantee it
    They havent payed for me to have surgery they only payed so far for that little bit of physical therapy and my Drs Appointments for the first six months
    Since they denied my claim I have had to pay 80 dollars a visit to my orthopedic DR for my pain managmenet getting my monthly Analgesic RX's and what not

    After me and my attorney discussed more details I agreed to the 30k he told me if he could get more he would
    we never had a hearing before a judge saying how much or whatever he said they just wanted to settle.
    He told me it would be 3 to 4 weeks and that he could speed up the process when he gets ready for my signature he can sign it for me since he lives 6 hours away

    Do yu think 3 or 4 weeks or longer or what? and do you guys think 30k is a fair amount?
    I never had a disability rating or anything as I know of
    and I went to an IME 3 months back and that report came back right before they made the settlement offer the IME ruled in there favor saying I was born with spinal conditions
    People please give me insight

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    Default Re: Attorney Called with My Settlement Offer What Now

    If you were offered 30k for a twisted disc, I would grab it and run. They do not do surgery for this usually. It will usually correct itself over time. I think your doctor is endangering your health to make the surgery determination, you are risking paralysis. Degeneration is not their problem, it is yours. Try going to a Sketcher outlet store and try a pair of Shapeups. Walk around the store for 10 -15 minutes, you might be miraculously cured. I am serious about the Shapeups.

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    Default Re: How Long Does it Take to Settle a Worker's Comp Case

    it always takes longer then you expect; could be 2-4 months before you see a check.
    you should consider requiring some good faith $$ before signing a settlement agreement-something to tide you over until the approvals work their way thru the system.
    they will take credit for whatever advance you can negotiate from the final settlement amount.

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