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    Default Case Law Regarding Mental Abuse

    My question involves child abuse or neglect in the State of: Colorado

    Hello all, its me again. So, the minor child's therapist is diagnosing my child with what I told them all along- Dissociative Disorder. We are going to court SOON and need some ammo regarding decisions regarding mental abuse. No one seems to think this diagnosis requires a change so far...I think I have lost the ability to be surprised at this point. Any cases thrown my way would be helpful. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Case Law Regarding Mental Abuse

    You can look for recent case law through Lexis, or pay for access to a full library; there's also Google Scholar.

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    Default Re: Case Law Regarding Mental Abuse

    Quote Quoting Mother Bear
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    No one seems to think this diagnosis requires a change so far.
    In and of itself, the diagnosis doesn't. Even though the diagnosis is generally associated with trauma or lengthy various types of abuses, there ARE other causes (some of which dad's attorney is likely to point at you, so be prepared), and thus far the place your case keeps falling down is the inability to document or prove that dad is the SOURCE of the issue. There haven't been criminal charges, and CPS hasn't found cause to refer the case for criminal prosecution, nor to otherwise intervene. What you've got right now is a smoking gun, but haven't, from a legal perspective, been able to put that smoking gun in dad's hands, and THAT is what your case is going to make/break on.

    What is the status of the child's testimony?

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    Default Re: Case Law Regarding Mental Abuse

    What are you going to court for (if I may ask)

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    Default Re: Case Law Regarding Mental Abuse

    That's the problem. The child has been trained by a VERY skilled sociopath/manipulator from a very young age and maintains that even though at 7 she is uncomfortable seeing, sleeping, and showering with her naked father on a regular basis (and told my husband and I about touching his privates, but not the investigator or her therapist) supervised visitation wasn't even considered. We have recently asked for CASA to be involved, and go to court the beginning of November. Continual manipulation (with 3 overnights a week) only enforces the mantra "I am happy at my dads. I sleep great at my dads. I have fun at my dads." He tells her what to say until she believes it, and even she realizes in some way that mommy cannot help her, thus the dissociation.

    It's for a D&N case against her father for medical and educational neglect. You can read my other posts, but basically he refused to acknowledge there was a problem, refused to allow me to get help (50/50 everything) and the child nearly failed kindergarten and first, on her way to 2nd grade. I have plenty of evidence regarding the pattern of his behavior, but people refuse to see it. He kept her out of school for 3 months until I got a court order for him to take her- and NO ONE even wants to mention it. I personally think that is pretty damn relevant.....he is such a good manipulator he even has the social worker defending him- it is extremely scary. They don't even comprehend the magnitude of what they are dealing with.

    Thank you, I will do that. I appreciate your help.

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    Default Re: Case Law Regarding Mental Abuse

    I would expect Dad's attorney to put at least much of the trauma at your doorstep; you have your child the majority of overnights, correct?

    I haven't read/re-read your other thread yet - but if he has an attorney and you're adamant you want to go ahead with this you also NEED an attorney.

    As in "not optional". As in "essential". Because frankly I can see this ending badly.

    The very last thing you want is for Dad to get full custody because he and his attorney - and the social worker - have buried you.
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