My question involves labor and employment law for the state of:Connecticut

Hi Experts,
I had a criminal record register in the month of may 2009 it was a theft M1 in the state of OHIO ,my fingerprints were taken. In the month of april 2011 i got the record expunged. Recently i got a job in a bank in the state of connecticut and they performed my background check with my fingerprints. And the record showed up and my job is at risk. I might lose the opportunity. Well to avoid this in future can someone please advice me what i can do.

1. Is there a way, where i can send the expungement order to FBI saying that my record is expunged?
2 Can I reopen the case and make a M1 to M4. Is there a way for that. If so is it suggestible ?

if you have a better advice please feel free to let me know

Im totally confused and dont know what to do please advice me a way through which I can avoid this in the future.