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    Default Employment Background Checks and Expunged Criminal Records

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of:Connecticut

    Hi Experts,
    I had a criminal record register in the month of may 2009 it was a theft M1 in the state of OHIO ,my fingerprints were taken. In the month of april 2011 i got the record expunged. Recently i got a job in a bank in the state of connecticut and they performed my background check with my fingerprints. And the record showed up and my job is at risk. I might lose the opportunity. Well to avoid this in future can someone please advice me what i can do.

    1. Is there a way, where i can send the expungement order to FBI saying that my record is expunged?
    2 Can I reopen the case and make a M1 to M4. Is there a way for that. If so is it suggestible ?

    if you have a better advice please feel free to let me know

    Im totally confused and dont know what to do please advice me a way through which I can avoid this in the future.


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    Default Re: Employment Background Checks and Expunged Criminal Records

    If the FBI includes your state criminal history in their files they will often exercise their discretion and follow state expungement orders, but they do not have to do so. As a federal agency the state court order is not binding on them. If you do write the FBI a letter saying, "Please expunge my record," you should expect that request to go into your file. It's also possible that your employer obtained your record through a source other than the FBI - most employers use private background checks.

    It is unlikely that you can reopen the case, particularly post-expungement. Consult a local criminal defense lawyer.

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    Default Re: Employment Background Checks and Expunged Criminal Records

    There is the old saying: you don't know what you don't know.

    So with that in mind, I have no idea how many expunged records I don't see on the criminal background reports I pull using Consumer Reporting Agencies...

    I DO know however, that I see a whole lot of people that seem to think there record has been expunged when it is sitting there in front of me in print on the page.

    Not fun to be them.

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