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    Default Bought an Used Car, Seller Does Not Want to Give Car Title

    My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: Texas

    I bought an used car in April of this year, I had given a down payment and the remaining was going to be paid on monthly basis, about a month after the purchase I got into a car wreck, when the car seller found out he gave me the number to a body shop I could take the car to, when I did I made an agreement with the body shop for $3000 for the repairs, I even gave $1000 deposit for them to start on the car. When the car seller found out I did this he offered to pay the repairs and to just pay him the total of both amounts (car payment and car repairs) to him, he said it was going to be easier and faster since he could look for the parts for cheaper and all that, I would be paying him as he bought the parts. I agreed and everything was fine untill 4 months had past and the car was still not ready, when I went to talk to him about it I told him I would pay him the remaining of the money until the car was ready, which was only $1100 ($1000 form repairs and $100 form car payment), he did not say anything but he did start avoiding me and not returning my calls, plus stopped all repairs on car. When I finally had the chance to talk to him in person (about a moth after) he said he was not gonna do anything until he got the total of the remaining amount, I told him if that's what he wanted then I would just pay the repairs to the body shop and for him to just give me the car title and I would give him the $100 left on the car payment, he agreed on that. But not he is saying that I still owe him $1000, and that he is not going to give me the car title if I don't pay him, I asked him for reciepts on what he says I owe him but he hasn't given me any proof yet. I've got all my receipts for all payments, and as far as we both knew the amount owed was only $1100, but now he changed it, he wants all of it even though he is not paying for the remaining of the repairs. Is there anything I can do to get my car title and at least proof of what he says I owe him? Can he do that? From what I've researched he was required to give me the car title within 20 days for the purchase even if I still owed him money. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Bought an Used Car, Seller Does Not Want to Give Car Title

    If he holds a lien on the vehicle he may hold the title. Do you have any of this in writing to prove any of your contentions?

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    Default Re: Bought an Used Car, Seller Does Not Want to Give Car Title

    Is this a dealership or a private seller?

    Are you stating that the car title has been transferred to your name, but that the seller is holding the title until the loan is paid off? If so, does the seller have a formal lien on the vehicle? If not, why wasn't title transferred to you in association with the sale?

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