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    I am a Student in the Portland Metropolitan Area, and I am doing research to do a report about Administrative Bullying for a project. We all can agree that in many circumstances, our constitutional rights are revoked in a classroom enviroment to ensure that the education process is as legitimate as possible etc.

    I am trying to research into the subject that I was assigned, of Administrative Bullying. I need to decide, whether or not I am going to support the removal of certain rights, or speak/write against it.

    I am looking for cases in which I can find information online or at the public library that I can use in my paper. I am looking for information online or an attorney in which I can cite in my report about the subject.

    At the high school I attended, there was an actual case of Administrative Bullying, in which went to the School Board. Students protested by wearing armbands showing support for an issue at my school. The administration ordered all these armbands to be confinscated and removed as they were a "distruption to the classroom enviroment". This, in theory would be a violation of our constitutional rights as stated in our first admendment.

    Once again, if you can refrense information in which I could quote, cite, or learn from I would appreciate it.


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    Default Re: Administrative Bullying

    Try using to search Supreme Court precedents involving free speech in schools, as well as its database of recent case law from other federal courts. You can also look at the annotated Constitution available from Cornell Law School and from Findlaw.

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    Joe, here is a discussion about free expression:

    And a reference to guidelines for a moot court activity. Just copy and search for:
    The Constitution and Bill of Rights: Free Expression
    Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier: A U.S. Supreme Court Case

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: Administrative Bullying

    Thank you Mr. Knowitall and deadlock for your information, it is appreciated.

    Primarily, the basis of this entire "topic" per say really related back to Tinker v. Des Moines School District, Bethel School District v. Fraser, and Hazelwood v. Kulmeier and I have some decent information on those three court cases and whatnot.

    Are there any other supreme court cases, or any sort of news publishings in which are similair to this? I am simply trying to find somewhere that I can find some good information on the subject, do you think I should search through news archives of some sort (reccomendations of where?) for something relating in which I could go off of?

    I tried using basic google the other day for situations where it hit the news how children are suspended or expelled for speaking their opinion, and the Administration claims they are "disrupting the learning process", yet nobody is really disrupted.

    My question is, on the refutation to oppose administrative bullying, how exactly does the "constitution not apply to minors". I know that the constitution only technically applys to U.S. citizens, and that a "majority" of it dosen't apply to individuals under the age of 18 - My question is, why is this? I have actually read over the constitution a few times, and I do not see anywhere in which explains why some rights are not protected for minors. If somebody could clarify this, I would appreciate such.

    Thanks again for all of your information!

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    Default Re: Administrative Bullying

    Here is an interesting case about a minor being deprived of basic constitutional rights by the government.

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    seniorjudge - is that the girl who went up and 'sneezed' and everybody said "god bless you" because the administration prohibited it? I want to do research on that case deal because thats Administrative Bullying, as a University Level.

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    Quote Quoting JoeW
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    seniorjudge - is that the girl who went up and 'sneezed' and everybody said "god bless you" because the administration prohibited it? I want to do research on that case deal because thats Administrative Bullying, as a University Level.

    Different discussion below:

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