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    Default Child Molestation False charges

    I only wish I had known about this site before my son was convicted of Molestation. I know that he did not do what the CPS and the DA's office charged him with because we did not leave him alone with the children for just this reason. There were 4 adults living in this one bedroom apartment at the time the children came over to visit. We made sure that he wasn't left alone. We were not allowed to bring this up in trial. We found out later that we were not even supposed to be having overnight or weekend visits with the children. CPS was NOT doing their job in checking on the foster father's actions. The children's mother testified for my son; their foster father testified for my son; the person who did the testing for the medical end of the molestation testified that they could see nothing wrong with her and that there was no evidence of harm. that she was normal. There was a DR's signature on this form also. The person who interviewed her was by herself in the interview and could have coaxed her or showed her how to do anything. I have been told there is supposed to be two people to do the interview to make sure there is no coaching going on. CPS waited for almost 3 years before they brought up these charges. They forced my son and his wife to gbet a divorce because they said if she wanted her children back she would have to do it. (my son is white and she is black and american indian). She has yet to get her children back. We had to fight child abuse charges this kid brought against her mother and won that in court. This child was proven a lier at this trial. We had an honest judge for that trial. The judges first ruling the first day of the trial was to deny the defense the week they requested to be able to go over the boxes of CPS reports and things that the DA gave the attorney's on the day of the trial. The judge denied the request. Every time my son's attorney's tried to bring forth a testimony or information to prove that the child (sh'es 10) was lying the DA objected and the judge wouldn't allow it. Her description of my son's anatomy was that of a black person and one who is circumsized. My son is white and uncircumsized the lawyers were not allowed to enter this into the trial either. The testimony of the kids was so outrageous it was comical if it had not been so serious you could tell they were coached.

    I am beside myself I am on social security and we have no money for a lawyer that is why my son got railroaded. The only reason they allowed the testimony of the medical report was because they HAD to do that or else that would have been supressed too.

    This same judge about two months before this on the day of my son's bail hearing allowed this 20-21 year old kid to walk on a probation violation for drunk driving and getting in an accident and killing several people. This kid was there because he got caught drinking and driving AGAIN and was given his probation re-instated and basically had his hand slapped.
    I could not beleive that they did this. Probation for vehicular murder????

    My son could've killed this kid and gotten less time this is sick. Where is the justice. and they wonder why our jails are full and their are killings in our schools. The parents are afraid to discipline their kids because the kids tell them that if you make me do what i'm supposed to do then I will call the cops or the child protective services (CPS) and have you put in jail. These kids know this and their is no help for the innocent parents out there. This kid who accused my son has been in foster care and knows how to work the system. And that is exactly what she did.

    I need help. I have no where to turn. He was convicted in Dallas, (dallas county), TX.

    Sincerely MaryAnn

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    Default Criminal Conviction

    Your son should certainly seek an appointed attorney to assist with his appeal.

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    Default My son

    He was appointed an attorney. This guy wrote him a letter and told him there was nothing he could do that he was tried and convicted by a jury of his peers and he saw no reason to appeal their decision. This is why I am so upset. I have NOWHERE to turn.

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    Default Motion for criminal records

    Our lawyer recently received all (we hope) of the DISCOVERY that the DA thinks they have against my husband. He sent the DA a letter requesting any and all police and criminal records past and present on anyone that is involved in this mess, including all witnesses. He received back a very vague report that the father in this case was arrested for receiving stolen property in 91-92. Our lawyer sent another letter asking to be more specific. We know that a couple other of the witnesses have records. Since they did not comply to our lawyers request for all such files; question is this...........since the DA did not provide records on these particular witnesses, does that mean those witnesses will not be used at the trial? Or lawyer hasn't gotten back to us, yet. We have a Monitering Hearing on the 11th and we would surely like to know what is going on. How do they decide what can be used and what cannot? If something cannot be used, what happens if they mention it anyway at the trial? All the Discovery has gone through and been signed, sealed and delivered, as it were, and stated to be true to the best of their knowledge (that includes what interviews the Troopers have had)........what happens when they put wrong dates on them? According to the paperwork, they interviewed the so-called victum and father a year before this all happened. Answers would be appreciated. Tahnk you.

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