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    Default If You Run Away at Age 17 in Texas Can You Be Forced Back Home

    I will be turning 17 in November. my mother and I just DO NOT get along and I feel as if she is holding me back. She also dislikes who I am dating, but I feel that is my right to chose who I wish to be with. So my question is can I move out when I turn 17 and not be forced back? Also, I plan to move in with my 19 year old boyfriend, he's 2 years older than me, and his parents in a different county. Can he or his parents get in trouble. At 17 am I legally old enough to "give consent." Also, can I withdraw from school and enroll in another school where he lives. My mother will be against all this 100% so I want to know can I, my boyfriend, or his mother do it legally?

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    Default Re: 17 in Texas

    Although you are statutorily allowed to consent to sexual contact, you are still a minor child and will be until your 18th birthday. Your mother gets to tell you where you go to school, the rules of the house, etc. You cannot go live with someone else for the heck of it. Your mom can even get a restraining order against your b/f if she so desires. If you runaway to live with him, he and his parents can be cited for contributing to the deliquency of a minor.

    The only thing your mom is holding you back from at the moment is making a lot of bad decisions.

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    Default Re: 17 in Texas

    We go through this same question... too frequently. If you would take the time to read other threads, you would find the answers.

    A Texas juvenile court has no jurisdiction over a 17-year-old, so some police departments won't force a 17-year-old to return home. You want to know the policies of your local police department? Ask them.

    The "contributing to the delinquency" statute can be read in this thread.

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    Default Re: 17 in Texas

    Until you are 18, however, you cannot enroll in school anywhere without your parents' permission.

    I am excited, by the way, that your 19 year old boyfriend is comfortable having sex with his minor girlfriend in his parents' home.

    Do you get your own room or do you share his rockin' basement mancave?

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