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    Default If Mother Challenges Paternity Does She Have to Repay Support

    My question involves paternity law for the State of: iowa...My girls were born in 1998..My ex and myself split up and i was with someone else and we ended up getting back together to find out i was pregant..With my ex knowing everything and knowing there was a possibilty that these girls were not his he signed the birth certifitcate..(i thought in iowa when u are unwed they have to do a dna testing before the birth certificate gets signed)? With my daughter having help issues im wanting to get an dna test so i know what health problems there are on my exs side or the other ones..My problem is my ex has payed child support for my girls will i have to pay the child support back if it comes back they are not his? Even though he knew they may not be his? And also is there a free dna testing in iowa? Thank you

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    No, dna is not necessary if both parents sign the Affidavit of Paternity (which is presumably what you both did).

    After this much time it's highly unlikely that paternity would be disestablished. Even if it is, you will not have to repay any child support.

    I have to ask though - what do you think a DNA test is going to tell you? It's not going to tell you what health problems may or may not exist. If your daughter has issues, there is genetic testing available to see if there's something going on. Have you discussed this with her pediatrician?

    No, there is no free DNA paternity testing I'm aware of that doesn't involve establishing paternity or child support. You'll have to pay.
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