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    Default Statute of Limitation for Class A Misdemeanor

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Texas

    I posted this thread about 7-8 months ago.

    To reiterate the events in the previous thread, I was busted for selling alcohol to a minor in a TABC sting operation because a co-worker miscalculated the age after obtaining the ID from the minor. I was told by their agent that I would receive a warrant/get contacted by a bondsman within two weeks (March 2011). It is now October; almost eight months since the incident. I have yet to receive a warrant/court summons/contact from bondsmen/etc. I've also contacted a criminal defense attorney who told me to contact a bonding company and we would take it from there. I contacted a bonding company twice, once then and once in August; they have no record of any warrants under my name.

    It might be pertinent to note that the restaurant did pay an administrative fee to the TABC.

    What is my situation? Is a warrant likely to pop up in the near future? I was told about something called "statute of limitations", how does this apply to my case? I am currently in college and looking to apply into a graduate program in a few months and I do not want to run into any problems regarding my "full disclosure".

    Thanks again.

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    Default Re: Statute of Limitation for Class A Misdemeanor

    The time to file (statute of limitations) for a misdemeanor charge in Texas is within the 2 year period after the commission of the offense.

    No one here can predict the likelihood of a warrant popping up at any time between now and the time the S.O.L. runs out!

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    Default Re: Statute of Limitation for Class A Misdemeanor

    Do you know if it is common for a case to push the boundaries of the statute of limitations?

    I really just wish I could just get it out of the way so I don't get any surprises popping up in the next 1.25 years.

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