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    Default Medical Information in a DAC Record

    I posted on another section of this board about my husband losing his job as a truck driver. We live in Tennessee.

    Trucking companies often use something called a DAC record to check out drivers. It is sort of like a credit report for employers. Anyway, my husband has bipolar. His last company he worked for knows this. Will this company be able to put on his DAC record that he is bipolar? I don't know if this will cause him any problems in the long run in finding a job.

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    Default Re: Medical Information in a DAC Record

    I doubt that any such medical information would be included - there could be serious confidentiality issues associated with an employer's disclosing an employee's confidential health information to third parties. A truck driver can obtain their DAC Record from USIS:
    [quote="Professional truck drivers wishing to obtain a copy of employment information previous employers have stored on them may send a copy of their Drivers License and Social Security Card to:

    USIS Transportation Services Consumer Department
    P.O. Box 33181
    Tulsa, OK 74153

    Please provide your home address and telephone number along with all correspondence.[/quote]

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