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    Default Gifting Vehicle to Family Member Without Transfering Registration and Plates

    My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: Wisconsin

    I recently gifted a vehicle (registered in WI), to my sister who lives in New York. Due to the abrupt nature of the transaction/her irresponsibility to arrange for NY plates beforehand, I allowed her to take the vehicle with my plates and registration in tact. It has now been two months and she is yet to return said plates. In this time, two of her parking violations have come to my attention as the vehicle remains in my name despite the title transfer.

    I have contacted her multiple times to register the vehicle in her own name, yet by her inaction she refuses to do so.

    Short of traveling to New York City to remove the plates myself, what legal action can I take against her?

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    Default Re: Gifting Vehicle to Family Member Without Transfering Registration and Plates

    So, you intentionally assisted in committing a fraud against both New York and Wisconsin. I can see you being real popular when asking Wisconsin for help.

    if there was a title transfer, the vehicle does not remain in your name. The (illegal) registration would but not title.

    I would suggest contacting Wisconsin DMV and asking them about cancelling the registration. If they do this without the return of the plates, at least if it comes down to your liability based on the plate being yours, you can prove you cancelled the registration. If they allow this, send a letter, certified, to your sister informing her that the registration has been cancelled (or will be. It would be nice to let her know a little beforehand).

    You should also ask if there is anything you can file with the state regarding the transferred title. Some stated actually require the seller notify the state of any transfers. I believe that to be a great idea should the purchaser fail to actually transfer the title. Maybe they will all get around to such a requirement, eventually.

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    Default Re: Gifting Vehicle to Family Member Without Transfering Registration and Plates

    I did not have the title in hand on the date that the vehicle was relinquished. However, once I recovered the title and sent it to her she'd claim full responsibility for the vehicle as it was now legally hers.

    It is my understanding that the fraud exists from the moment there is a discrepancy between the name on the title and that of the registrant. Is this correct?

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