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    Default Can My Roommate Throw Me Out Without Evicting Me

    My question involves an eviction in the state of: florida
    my current roommate who is a friend , let me move in with him because i was down and out, since then i have worked and paid rent as well as doing ALL of the household chores and errands, i am now out of work and have been for 2 months, this hasnt been a problem before as no rent was ever asked of me i always gave rent volentarily, in fact i gave my paychecks in thier entirety in exchange for him saving it for me because i impusle buy, but now that he has run out of his money, me not having rent money became a problem, i have lived here with him for several months, at least 6, and ot of nowhere he says i have to leave, but he never says when, and any time we have a disagreement he puffs up like he's gonna fight me and threaten to kick me out on the spot, he also forces me to do whatever he says, i.e. do the dishes go buy me smokes stay in your room, he threaten to shut things off kick me out pretty much every threat he can muster, but he hasnt actually taken any legal action, so, if i tell him where to go because im sick of it, can he infact just call the cops on the spot and have me removed, i recieve mail here, and my last job has this address as my own, do i have a leg to stand on so to speak, its sort of my understandinbg that he needs to go through the courts and not use his size to get me out, am i right?, p.s. dont bother with teh "why would you want to stay" speeches, i have nowhere else to go, i need as much time as poss to find work and save for an apartment, any advice will help , please and thank you, p.s. pasco co. florida, he is renting from his landlord who has no knowledge of me

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    Default Re: Can My Roommate Throw Me Out Without Eviction Me

    he needs to go through the courts and not use his size to get me out, am i right?
    That is correct.

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    Default Re: Can My Roommate Throw Me Out Without Eviction Me

    Although if he ignores the law, it may be you going to court to seek a remedy for the unlawful eviction.

    Don't complain about the question, "Why would you want to stay there" - your friend will be able to get rid of you, so you do need to be thinking about your options.

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    Default Re: Can My Roommate Throw Me Out Without Eviction Me


    I just went through this myself. I know it's hard, and I'm lucky to have a place to stay, even though I know I'm a burden and not really wanted here.

    I got out in five days, after roomie's sister threatened to kick my ass and destroy my belongings if I did not get out asap. I was too uncomfortable to stay, and fortunately, had a friend who opened his garage for my stuff.

    I did go round and round with Roomie to get a formal Notice to Quit (pre-eviction notice). Of course, it was filed after I was out. I wanted it for potential help from non-profit organizations (DHS can't help since I'm single and no kids)

    Good luck.

    At this point...since you are not yet can file a police report for Illegal Eviction.

    If you have receipts for any belongings...keep them....if roomie throws them out, you can sue....

    - - - Updated - - -

    Ps...if your state law is like Michigan's....

    He cannot remove your stuff.
    He cannot turn off utilities.
    He cannot change the locks.

    But you still should file an Illegal Eviction complaint with the police, and work hard on getting out. Even if your stuff goes into a storage unit and you go to a homeless shelter, or domestic violence shelter.....Just because the law says he can't does not mean he won't.

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