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    Question A Contractor Left All of His Tools at My House

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: New Jersey

    After Hurricane Irene we hired handyman to rip out the sheetrock in our basement (which was badly flooded) and to replace it along with new doors through out the whole house and new molding. He is not licensed and hired him through craiglist ( i know). Any way we had a verbal agreement on the price and how he would be paid. He started the job on thursday, and actually did a really good job. He worked everyday until sunday and then has not showed up since. We are even in the money given and work done but here is the problem: he left all of his tools in my garage, i mean everything that he owns. We reached out to him multiple times and even found his brother and spoke to him. He said he was sick and would probably be there to pick up his tools when he feels better. Its been three weeks and hehas still not reached out to us. We need to get all of these tools out of our garage and not sure what our legal rights are? Please let me know how long we have to hold on to his tools? and what we should do?
    Thank you

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    Default Re: A Contractor Left All of His Tools at My House

    As you can reach the brother, consider telling him that the handyman can pick up his stuff by the end of the coming week and, if he does not do so, he (and anybody else who comes along) can pick it up at curbside starting Monday morning (or whatever other reasonable deadline you want to set). You would not necessarily drag everything out to the curb the moment the deadline is missed, but I think the chances are good that you'll inspire the collection of the tools such that it isn't an issue.

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