I have received the exact same email forwarded from my ISP as the OP in this closed thread:


Actually I’ve received eight of them, for two different films. In light of recent events it would be great to get an update on what the recommended course of action should be. I apologize if this has been discussed elsewhere on the forum, I'm pretty surprised that I couldn't find anything.

If I understand properly, the only thing the email really says is to “cease and desist” the infringing behavior. Everything after that has a bunch of “if you fail to respond you may also be…” and I’m assuming that the “response” to which they are referring is to cease and desist…not to pay their settlement offer.

All the information I’ve found online has indicated that I should ignore these emails. Here’s where most of my information is coming from, in case you are interested:


And of course the recent ruling:

I spoke with a lawyer who told me that I should wait until getting something in writing, but in hindsight I’m afraid he was merely telling me what I wanted to hear, because at one point he contradicted himself by saying that I could just go ahead and pay the “settlement” offer. He said that although the email says that the amount will increase if they need to involve their lawyers, all they really want is to make a quick buck and move on to the next person, and that the amounts are negotiable. After doing more research I’m not sure this is makes much sense…since they’re going to have to subpoena my ISP for my identity I expect they’ll go after more than $200 per infringement. Other “copyright cops” have offered a $1500 settlement increasing to $2500 after a certain deadline, with a threat to sue for $150K. While the odds of not getting sued are probably heavily in my favor it’s not a gamble I’m comfortable taking.

Since I received multiple notices for the same films, I’m nervous about exposing myself to these people in the event that they are unwilling to drop the redundant “settlements”, although I’ve read comments on various forums from people who say that they have done so. I’m also worried about receiving eight official $1500 settlement offers at a later date, although I assume that if it gets to that point they’ll have to clean up the redundant infractions and they would be for the 2 actual films in question.

Bottom line, if I thought I could just pay these guys $400 to make it go away I probably would go ahead and do it, even though the linked articles indicate that what they’re doing is essentially a shakedown racket and it goes against most of the advice I’ve seen in this matter. This however is a double edged sword, since it exposes my identity to these people, and I’m not really sure what kind of guarantee they can provide that they won’t continue hounding me or my ISP since I haven't even been identified yet.

Thank you for reading this and thanks in advance for your thoughts.