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    Exclamation First Offense Shoplifting in North Carolina

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: North Carolina.

    Some facts before I begin:
    • I am 19.
    • I have never had any form of trouble before in my life.
    • I have never done anything illegal. I don't even download music illegally.
    • The worst thing I've done in my life is letting someone copy off of me in PreCalculus in High School.
    • I suffer from chronic depression and have been suicidal since this whole ordeal, for no fault by my own.

    I was in WalMart yesterday and for some stupid, stupid reason I decided to take some headphones.
    Needless to say they caught me on the way out.
    After they searched me they found an iPod case that was mine, but that they accused me of stealing. They would not believe me after numerous times of me telling them I had bought that weeks ago. Even though there were obvious scratches on the case, they would not believe that I had bought it. They said since I had taken the headphones, I had stolen the case. Which is not true.
    They told me if I just confessed things would go a lot smoother, so me (in tears, shaking with fear and having vomited twice) being stupid, I told them I had stolen it Sunday.
    In reality I didn't even GO to WalMart on Sunday.
    The men said because they couldn't find the empty case and I didn't have proof of purchase that they would have to strip search me, but I refused.
    They made me sign an admission of guilt for the case and the headphones, even though I repeated that my mom had bought the case for me.
    They made me sign a form saying I would never set foot on WalMart property again, which I understand and am fine with.
    They also called the police, one came and he searched my vehicle.
    I was not allowed to call my mom, and when she called to see where I was I was not allowed to answer the phone.
    I know this is a stupid mistake on my part and I will take any punishment I get with a truly remorseful heart.
    I have a few questions though.

    1. What do I need to do on my court date?
    2. What should I do about an attorney? I know I need one, but I simply can not afford it.
    3. I also know there is something called a Civil Demand. Are there payment plans available for that?
    4. Am I going to get fired from my job? I just got accepted last Friday.
    5. Is this going to effect my college career? I'm in Community College now, hoping to transfer.
    6. Am I going to be able to get a good job in my life? I'm studying Computer Science. Or have I screwed up my life for good?
    7. What First Offenders Programs are available? What about petitioning for a PJC?
    8. Is expungment an option in my case?

    Thank you so much for all your time.
    I am truly sorry for my actions. I know I'll never do it again.
    Again, thank you.

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    Default Re: First Offense Shoplifting in North Carolina

    1. Just show up. Arrive early. We have a whole stickied thread with info.
    2. Plead Not Guilty and ask for a Public Defender.
    3. When it arrives in the mail, there will be a phone number on it. Call and ask if you can make payments.
    4. Unless you work for WalMart/Sams's Club....not immediately. If your employer runs a background check, it can happen.
    5. Quite possibly. Talk to your student advisor. Nursing, pharmacist, banking....a lot of these companies do not want a thief working with money or valuables.
    6. Computer science...again it depends. Will you be in clients homes with access to valuables? Will you be in an office with access to financial data?
    7. Talk to your public defender about this.
    8. Expungment varies by state. And usually can take years, if it is allowed.

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