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    Question Didn't Receive REA Appointment Until Too Late

    My question involves unemployment benefits for the state of: California

    Today in the mail, i received a letter from EDD stating that i missed my REA (reemployment and Eligibility assessment) appointment. I had no idea i was given this appointment.

    so after confusion settled, I realized that somebody in my house must have grabbed my mail and misplaced it. so i looked around the living room and in between my mom and sister's pile of mail i find the letter from EDD giving me an appointment.

    so now i have a letter from EDD that says i have to fill out a questionnaire and send it in within 10 days or they may cut off my UI. On the questionnaire it asks why i wasn't able to make it to the appointment. and tells me the reason effects wether or not i will receive UI.

    my question is this, Should i be honest and write down that my roommates (sister) misplaced my mail and i hadn't known about the appointment until after i got the letter saying i missed it? I'm not sure if thats a good enough excuse for them, but i really need my UI to pay for the bills that i have.

    if that doesn't seem like an acceptable excuse, what should i tell them happened, so that i can continue getting my UI?

    thankyou in advance for your replys/help

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    Default Re: Didn't Receive REA Appointment Until Too Late

    Nobody here is going to tell you to lie.

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