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    Default Elder Exploitation

    My question involves a person located in the state of: Nevada

    My neighbor is 68 and deals with a chronic illness, 5 months ago the people next door to her seemed to take on looking out for her by bringing her to the doctors and meals etc: She had a truck, a really nice "Silverado" she had taken excellent care of it.. As I understand it she traded the truck for a, seemingly, nice "Grand am" they had. The first time she drove it, it broke down and stranded her in Las Vegas heat and she suffered heat stroke.
    They promised they would fix it, that was 4 months ago and she has since moved into a senior apartment. These people even moved her taking only part of her belongings and they just left her with no transportation. The women brought her food once and it was rotten, as for her belongings no one knows and the car???

    Now "Elder Services" and the police tell her it's a civil matter...I read the elder abuse literature and it's against the law to exploit an elder or disabled person, so I don't understand why what they have done is not exploitation.
    It seems the very people that should understand" exploitation, "don't.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    I found this on a defense attorney site.

    If the assets are worth $250 up to less than $5,000, exploitation of an elder in Nevada is a category B felony punished by:

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    Default Re: Elder Exploitation

    Has the neighbor been deemed mentally incompetent?

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