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    Default Juvenile charges and security clearances

    I am 22 now and am applying for a secret clearance for my job. My problem is: when I was 15, I was charged with 4 counts of arson. I spent over 1 year in juvenile hall. The records were later sealed. Since then, I have graduated college, held good jobs, and even interned for the DoD. What do you think my chances of being granted a clearance are?

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    Default Re: Juvenile charges and security clearances

    It will depend upon the job and the nature of the security clearance. It could also depend upon the treatment of juvenile records in the state where the conviction occurred. In a thorough FBI background check, this will be detected - you can't slip a year in juvie past that type of investigation - so in some cases you may wish to be up-front about it.

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    Default Re: Juvenile charges and security clearances

    It is a contractor job for the Navy, requiring a secret-level clearance. The state for the juvenile charges is Ohio. Also, would anyone know how this would affect getting an interim clearance?

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