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    Default No Contact Order Violation in Michigan

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Michigan

    My boyfriends ex, recently assulted him in his exchange of their child. They were to meet at meijer exchange their child and go there seperate ways.

    His ex, assulted him, with numerous witnesses at the place of exchange while he was holding their daughter. He pressed charges, she just recently got arrested and a no contact order was place in full affect upon her release.

    Now, ive read stuff on rules of no contact orders, and I know she is not aloud to contact him in any ways whatsoever, aswell as have any third party contact him. Since the day she got out of jail she has been calling and texting him non-stop. She has her family call and text him.

    My question is, What should he do to report that she is calling and texting him all the time even though the no contact order is in affect? Also, what would happen to her?

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    Default Re: No Contact Order Violation in Michigan

    Why hasn't he contacted the police?
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