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    Question Presentence Investigation Report Anatomy Details

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: nevada
    I was curious to know what are some of the most important parts of the PSR.Do they really cover everything in full detail or are there things which are given more important than others.Do they really investigate your past employer.What about school,do they actually go out to confirm your education(like finding out your grades). As far as financial status goes.What exactly are they concern about. would they be able to see how much you have in your bank or have other accounts(like ebay or paypal) My question is really is how deep are these investigation in their nature. Also are the Federal Presentence investigation any difference.

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    Default Re: Presentence Investigation Report Anatomy Details

    They are what they are. Without knowing the background to the offense, your criminal history, your personal history, and other details the probation officer may deem relevant, beyond the obvious we would have no way of knowing what the probation officer might or might not include. P.O.'s wouldn't directly access your finances, but they can ask about your finances if they're an issue at trial it's possible that they'll get information from the police or prosecutor's office.

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