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    Default Can I Opt Out of My Lease Before Ever Moving in

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Alabama
    I signed a lease agreement at 4:30 pm on a Thursday afternoon. I paid a security deposit and first months rent. I took my first load of belongings to the apartment on Friday evening only to discover they had given me the wrong key. I had to call an emergency number to get ahold of someone and drive twenty minutes to get the right key. While I was waiting for a call back from the landlord neighbors were telling me how unsafe the apartments were. That people had been burglarized, and there had been "peeping toms" arrested, etc. I am a single mother with two children and I have to leave very early for work. I began to fear for the safety of my children in the early morning hours. When I went to meet the landlord to get the key (less than 36 hours after signing lease), I told him then that I no longer wanted to take the apartment. I had never stepped foot in the place except to inspect before signing lease. He told me he had people lined up to rent it and kept trying to talk me into keeping it. He said I would not get a refund and that I should pay him another months rent according to contract. I explained to him that I needed that money to rent somewhere else and that I just didn't feel like my kids would be safe. I did not leave with a key to the property. Does the law allow me to opt out of the lease agreement within a certain time frame if I haven't ever moved in at all?

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    Default Re: Can I Opt Out of My Lease Before Ever Moving in

    If your landlord is going to excuse you from a full year's lease on payment of one month's rent, that's probably the best deal you're going to get. There's no automatic right to back out of a lease once you sign it.

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