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    Angry Natural Gas Line Easement Dispute

    My question involves an easement in the state of: PA

    There is a "gas cut" or main natural gas pipeline between my property and my neighbors, however, it doesn't follow the property line. So at the top of my 2 acre parcel, it's on my property, at the bottom, it's on his. There is about 200 feet or more between our homes, this line runs about 40-50 feet from his home. On his side, it crosses over about right where his driveway starts and runs under his driveway. On my side, it's yard, about 100 feet or more from my own driveway.

    For 20 years I have been fighting with the gas company about them bringing in their heavy equipment - tractors, etc. through my property by way of my driveway because it's the "easiest" way for them to get to the gas cut. My driveway is in no way part of their easement, not even close. About 15 years ago we paid a fortune to cement our 150ft long driveway, and their heavy equipment can potentially damage it. I was told "How else are we supposed to get to the gas line" to which I replied, "Not my problem". They then decided they would access it from the top of the hill where they have free access. For about five years they have brought their tractors down the hill to cut the grass, turned around and went back up.

    Last week I was out of my home for 1 hour on Friday. During that time, they brought a tractor up my cement driveway, and through my yard, turfing up the grass as they went since it was raining. I found out because I could see the tire tracks. They drove over my hedges and anything else in the way to get to the gas cut. My neighbor witnessed the whole event.

    I called the gas company to complain and the customer service rep said she would have the maintenance forman call me. This was Friday, it's now Wednesday and no call. I asked a friend on the police force who said it's not a police matter (I thought I could file tresspassing charges).

    My question is, what is my next step? Someone suggested my local magistrate's office, but I wasn't sure what I would file, as I'm not seeking monetary damages, but to get them to stop freely using land they don't have rights to whenever they want. In the past, I have actually had to have friends come over and park in my driveway so I could pick my kids up at school, etc. and keep them out!


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    Default Re: Natural Gas Line Easement Dispute

    Someone may have suggested the magistrates office as a route to acquire a court order to keep them off the property. If they violate a court order, it's possible at that point the police may have the authority to get involved.

    You could install a physical gate of some sort (opened by a garage door opener or similar device) as a physical block to your driveway. If they damage that, the police could be called and the company potentially charged with vandalism.

    If it were me I'd call a local lawyer and at least have a meeting to go over what options I might have.

    Good luck.

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