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    Default How to Describe Employment in Student Visa Application

    a person applies to us school and ending part actually takes place in US , has funds,appartment , works few years for a charity organisation but not fully legally employed(so no pay slips), has family but also relatives in US
    -putting mentioned employment in visa application might be risky as a case of material misrepresentation?
    or perhaps it does not matter because other than employment mentioned conditions are enough for "establishing residence" and immigration law says "In order to sustain a finding of materiality, it must be shown that the information foreclosed by the misrepresentation was of basic significance to the alien's eligibility for visa?
    -Or leave it out but that would be risky because it might be a case of misrepresentation to obtain "other(than visa)benefit" in this case the form I-20 (i20 is result of application to school with employment filled but is not directly a visa suport document)?

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    Default Re: Put Employment in Student Visa Application

    While you think about how to ask a clear question, here's the gist of the answer you can expect to here: Tell the truth.

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