My friend is is in TTCF, Twin Towers Correctional Facility in L.A., and he has an INS Hold. He's fighting a posession of medical cannibis, with possibly 90 days to a year of county. It could be a misdemeanor or a low felony. My question is what is going to happen to him after his time is served?

1)He's married to a US citizenship, and applied for citizenship and has a SSN and employment authorization card. He's been in the US for 11 years, and he has been working with proof of tax return throughout these years. He does not have a temporary green card yet.
2) I spoke to him a few times, and according to inmates being held in the same dorm which also has INS Hold, they told him that after time served, INS has 5 days to come pick him up, and take him to Lancaster, where in Lancaster, he's going to see a immigration judge, and from that point, a decision will be made towards a possible bail and an immigration court date. In addition, it would take between 15 days to 3 months to see an immigration judge in Lancaster.

If anyone has any comments or information, I'd really appreciate it. His wife is really worried, and she wants to know what she should do at this point.