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    Question Towing Laws and Failing to Provide Required Notification

    My question involves towing laws for the State of: Kentucky

    My question is in regards to KRS 376.275 which can be found here:

    Car was at Wal-Marts parking lot.
    Wal-Mart towed because they were paving the lot.
    Wal-Mart could not provide accurate location.
    Contacted local towers.
    Found one place in Bowling Green, that had a car by a different color, different model, and was not sure the year.
    Visited in person.
    They still could not provide accurate information as to the specifics of the car.
    I could see the car from the office and could verify they had it, however they incorrectly documented it as "the car was locked and they could not gain access and they are not allowed to break in."
    I asked them when they notified me and they could not provide any written copy that they had.
    Even if they had, they would of provided me with incorrect information.
    This took place after KRS 376.275's said 10 day period in which they are required to notify or else they void all fees.
    I told them in person they had violated the law and were obligated to return the car without incurring of fees, so he asked me to sue him and leave the property.
    Is this worth taking to court or can a police officer provide enforcement of such law as its clearly written and in my opinion require interpretation?

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    Default Re: Towing Laws and Failing to Provide Required Notification

    the statute disallows charges beyond the initial 10 day requirement to provide notification. That means they can charge for the tow and the first 10 days storage.

    When the owner
    of the facility fails to provide notice as provided herein, the motor vehicle storage
    facility shall forfeit all storage fees accrued after ten (10) business days from the
    date of tow
    the police will likely not get involved in this situation. Your remedy would be to pay whatever fees they demand and sue them for what you believe was unlawfully charged. Anything else will result in continuation of the accrual of fees and possibly the sale of the vehicle while you wait to get into court.

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    Default Re: Towing Laws and Failing to Provide Required Notification

    The statute is brief:
    Quote Quoting Kentucky Revised Statutes, Sec. 189.725. Removal of vehicles by owner of private parking lot -- Signs.
    (1) Any owner or attendant of a privately owned parking lot may have removed from the lot any unauthorized vehicle parked and any person engaged to remove such vehicle shall have a lien on the vehicle in accordance with KRS 376.275.

    (2) Every operator of a parking lot covered by the provisions of subsection (1) shall post signs stating thereon that the parking lot is privately owned and unauthorized vehicles will be towed away at the owner's expense.
    How long was the car left on the lot - from the time you parked to when it was towed, and from the time it was towed to the time you noticed it was gone?

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