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    Default Breach of Contract

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Georgia

    Alright here's the "as short as I can get it" version:

    I bought a car 4 years ago from the local used car dealership. With that car, came a program called free oil and tires for life. I've never had a problem for 4 years. Somedays, I'd get my oil changed and no suspension or tire inspection was done. I had my tires replaced last year around september, with my oil changed, and again, no problem. I schedule an appointment last week just for an oil change and I get scheduled for Wednesday at 11am. I drive in today, and the woman inspect my car, and says, did you know we've changed the contract on your vehicle? You can no longer get an oil change without doing the tire inspection. I was flabbergasted, there's no way I'm going to pay $100 each time I need to get my oil changed. I told her beforehand that all I wanted was an oil change since the tires are brand new, and I don't need to have them inspected. I asked how she could change the contract, that I signed 4 years ago, without notifying me. She said, if I look at my contract, at the bottom it states, "Contract can change at any time". How is that legal? How do you change a contract unilaterally without a new signature? Do I have grounds for breach of contract in small claims court even with that "subject to change" notification in the document?

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    Default Re: Breach of Contract

    Take the contract to a consumer lawyer in your state for review or file a complaint with the office of consumer protection. Although I suspect that you do have a viable claim that they're breaching their contract, despite the one phrase you've quoted, we cannot advise you in relation to a contract we haven't seen.

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