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    Default Former Friend Wants to (Legally) Steal My Car

    My question involves an auto loan or repossession in the State of: California

    In November of last year, my car was repossessed. In order to get it back, a good friend took over the loan, so the loan and car registration are in her name. She has not actually spent any money on the car though, I have continued to make payments to her every month which she would then pay to the bank. We also had a written agreement that the car would remain in my possession until it was paid off when ownership would transfer to me. Now, because she is irritated with me not returning her romantic advances (This is true no matter how dumb it sounds), she is telling me that she wants to give me car to a friend of hers. She claims to have already transferred the loan to the friend and that the friend has filed unlawful detainer and will be by later with the police to take the car. Can she do this? I am not behind on any payments and have not breached our contract in any way. Thanks in advance to anybody with advice, and sorry if this thread is incorrectly categorized.

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    Default Re: Former Friend Wants to (Legally) Steal My Car

    You will need to take your contract to an attorney... how much is the car worth?

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