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    Default How Do You Qualify for a F1 Visa

    person acceped in 1 year study in US school abroad of which last 2 months of program are actually in USA , work experience in charity organisation several years but not as fully registered employee(no pay slips) which will be terminated because of study before applicaton for visa, owns appartment,has funds, has family and also family in usa..maybe better leave out the employment from ds160 application form(although it was mentioned in school application) if rest is enough for f1 visa?
    better submit existing offer of employment after the program end

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    Default Re: How Do You Qualify for a F1 Visa

    If this person is applying to a school or schools, and qualifies for enrollment, they will have a person on staff to advise him about visa issues.

    If you're asking if this person should lie in a visa application, no he should not.

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