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    Default Plea Bargaining to a Defective Vehicle Offense

    My question involves traffic court in the State of: Colorado

    I was caught speeding at 18 over in a 70 mph zone, I received a 4 point speeding ticket. I was notified that I would receive a settlement in the mail around 2 weeks before my court date, I got it the last week and it read that I could plead guilty to a 2 point defective vehicle ticket. My question is do I try to fight it as I have a 3 month old car, and not sure what he would have written was defective about it? Or thank them for lowering the ticket and just pay the $130? I do not know what to do as this is my first ticket, but I have talked to many people and they said they have never heard about something be changed to a defective vehicle ticket before.

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    Default Re: Plea Bargaining to a Defective Vehicle Offense

    You have been cited for speeding. You've been offered a plea bargain to a defective vehicle offense. If you don't want to take the plea bargain, nobody will make you take it. But if you want to fight a ticket, you would be fighting the speeding ticket - the plea bargain would involve your pleading guilty to the defective vehicle charge, not fighting it.

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