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    Unhappy Can A Private Seller Repo a Car After Signing Over the Title

    My question involves an auto loan or repossession in the State of: Michigan

    My question is regarding How to go about this properly.
    My sister in law wished to buy my car. So (in my ignorance) I signed over the title to her, then we also signed a contract regarding payment agreements, stipulations, etc.
    She has since fallen behind on making payments, then just stopped making them alltogether, yet refuses to return the car.

    I have since realized my mistake, not signing the title as the leinholder as I should have.
    Had I done this properly, I could have had this handled already. When reminding her of our contract, she refused to voluntarily turn it over "unless every dime paid on it gets returned".
    What, if any, legal recourse do I have in this situation?
    And if I do have any legal options, how do I go about it?

    *Please, be gentle )) I realize my ignorance in my mistake, but my young nephew is special needs (therapy, physical, speech, doctors, new classes etc) and my brother had just run out on her. Of course I never thought she'd do this, but come to find she isnt using the car at all. Doesnt even have her license-just never got it. Im completely dumbfounded and sick about all of this. So please dont be too rough with me ) thank you all so much ahead of time!

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    Default Re: Can A Private Seller Repo a Car After Signing Over the Title

    You titled the car to her and didn't retain a lien, so you cannot repossess the car. You can sue her for the remaining balance she owes in small claims court.

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