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    Default Sued for Breach of Contract

    I got sued for not finishing my contract with my previous employer who petitioned me to work here in the US. There is a clause in the contract that says I have to pay them $10 K if such a thing happens.

    In the contract it says I am a salaried employee and yet I am to be paid pro rata with the hours worked. Is that reconciliable? They deducted from my salary for half-days and other holidays that I have not called to say I am available to work. The reason I accepted their lower-than-usual salary is in thinking it was compensated by being paid during holidays.

    That was 3 yrs ago, with the lawsuit filed in TX. Now they have brought the lawsuit in NY where I reside.

    Opinions, anyone? And I really need a GOOD employment lawyer who's based in NEW YORK so please give me your recommendations. I'm not prepared to just give them said amount of money hands-down!

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    Default Re: Sued for breach of contract


    new york state bar referral

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    Default Re: Sued for breach of contract

    You may wish to try the ATLA directory, or a New York lawyer referral service.

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