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    Default Court Appointed Lawyer Didn't Show Up for Court Date

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Texas

    I don't know what happened to the post I posted earlier...but now I found out something else.

    Long story short: Accident out of state 2 weeks ago, I live out of state, car totalled, insurance company hasn't reimbursed me for anything. I have no vehicle and the time prior to the court date I was flat broke from that accident trying to get back home. Rent is due 1st of the month. Bills everywhere.

    Fast forward to last week. I contacted the attorney I been working with since this all started in May 2010. I just found out last week after informing her about the incident that she is "OH NO" no longer doing criminal cases. She gives me number to new attorney. I contact her repeatedly all week and only got her paralegal. I assume everything is good as he told me, "don't worry about it, we're going to get a reset".

    Fast forward, I call the bails man today to let them know what's going on. They call the court and no surprise, I get a FTA (failure to appear). Apparently my attorney didn't even show up to the case to try to get a reset. I can't contact them.

    This makes no sense. A misdemeanor case at that. They have dragged this on for months now. Earlier this year I drove over 900 miles to sit in the court for 1 hour only for it to be reset. Nothing got solved. I have all the evidence showing that the persons who are accusing me instigated the whole shit.

    I have no idea what to do. What is the procedure for reporting an attorney to the bar association? What is the next step to take? They say the attorney has 10 days to get back in the court and file a reset or else I have a warrant.

    what they need to do is postpone until my accident settlement goes thru and I'll hire a real attorney. Court appointed attorneys are nothing but over-worked slops and see everyone as a criminal.

    That's what this country is all about. They round people up in these concentration camps disguised as 'justice' and give you some fake attorney who is really a 2 timing, backstabbing son of a...who's not going to do jack crap to ensure you justice. That's why each time I DID show up for court they kept trying to get me to accept defeat. Hell no!

    This guy was at my house everyday, asking me for money, letting me ride around all his little girlie friends, using and abusing me...then the one day I stand up for myself I'm in the wrong?

    Damn em all to hell!

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    Default Re: Court Appointed Lawyer Didn't Show Up for Court Date

    If a lawyer was appointed by the court to represent you, the lawyer was appointed by the court to represent you. Their decision, "I don't handle criminal cases any more" applies to appointments that they have not accepted, but they need to be released by the court from those cases they have accepted.

    Whether or not that lawyer intended to represent you, to not appear, or to send somebody else in court is irrelevant to your duty to appear in court as ordered. If you miss a court date, that's on your head. If you've been given ten days to get this matter before the court, I suggest that you either get the lawyer (or a different lawyer) or yourself before the court within that time frame to let the judge know what is going on. This is a court-appointed lawyer, so you can also inquire with the court as to whether there's a procedure for requesting that the court assign a different lawyer to your case.

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