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    Default PPO for Extortion

    My question involves restraining orders in the State of: Michigan
    My ex and I were/are coplaintiffs in a Med/Mal case. Case details 'horrific" Case is sealed w/ substantial liquid damages etc. We live 250 miles apart.
    Never did anything in 30 years. Ex has questionable skills and parents manage SS benifits etc. Despite 6-8 extended rehabs/ over last 20 years. still drinks beginning when she wakes up. Two hours after dropping off legal papers she asked for, and heading home, Local sherrif deputy called. Told him what occurred and was driving. Explained I was disabled and would complete call next day. After calling said he didn't need anything else. 5 days later, attended motion hearing (my county) and initiated collection. Later in day, rec'd demand to exit case or sign off in mail. Next day served w/ex parte ppo., Collection atty gave me copy of letter she sent explaining her dad had asked his friend the pros to help her obtain the PPO. His legal sec. not a ppo advocate helped fabricate a story which was signed by a green probate judge 6 weeks in office athat her dad helped elect. Attorneys want $$ I don't have. Even after showing court staff proof that most claims were false and I needed to Circuit Court Judges permission to disprove the rest. Couldn't get anywhere. After spending 3 days talking with court and local PD last week, and leaving county I'm being threatened with arrest almost daily if I push this. Police, have an attitude here and there that everyone is guilty. I even donated several thousand dollars in labor and material to our county safe house when I was healthy. Your a respondent? click. The exfather has a record of this crap. I'm really getting worn down and ready to just give up.

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    Default Re: PPO for Extortion

    I can't tell from your narrative what has been alleged against you. I suggest that you retain a lawyer to advise and represent you.

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