We bought a used car that turned out to be a lemon. We did everything wrong with this purchase (did not use CarFax, bought as is, didn't have mechanic look it over, etc.).

Within a few days of purchase, car is now at a repair shop. Repair estimate more than we paid for the car. The seller is not answering our calls, surprise surprise.

We haven't even had time to transfer the title and reg in our name because it broke down so quickly. The title was not filled out correctly, according to our DMV. We signed it and the seller signed it, but the original owner (who was not there in person) signed it in the wrong spot. They advised us to send a form to the original owner. [Post-sale, the VIN had no reports of the car being stolen]

The bill of sale was a handwritten note that was not notarized, and neither was it signed by the seller or us (or the person whose name is on the title). Are we still legally responsible for this car? We know this is a lesson learned and consider the car a complete loss. We want to junk it.