My question involves towing laws for the State of: Arizona

Now, i have a car that was towed yesterday. The reasons they gave were "the tags were expired" and it "looked abandoned". The tags were for AUG 2011 so they arent expired yet... when i explained this to them, they said "it still looked abandoned". I don't understand this logic, if you have a tow-truck you can just drive around an apartment complex, see a crap car that looks like it hasnt moved in awhile and just hitch it up and take it? sounds like theft to me. COmpanies cant just tow any car they want to and make up a reason???

furthermore, i was not informed of the towing at ALL. I didnt even notice it was towed until the next day when i walked by where my car usually would be and its gone. is it just me or is this extortion? would like a serious response.