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    Unhappy Can a Class D Felony and a Class E Felony Be Dismissed or Drop to a Misdemeanor

    My question involves criminal law for the state of:
    My boyfriend has these two charges (listed below), I would like to know what actions can be taken against him, or is there any way these charges can be dismissed. Because he has no criminal record at all, this is his first time in jail, he is a good guy. He really did not jump bail, he came out to Texas to find work and stay with me because his lease had just ended, also he could not find any work in new york at the time. He did tell his lawyer this, what can his lawyer do to dismiss these charges. Fine, probation, drop charges to misdemeanor, community service, write an apology letter,etc. Please help me with your legal advice, I do not know what can happen to him.
    215.56 FE (BAIL JUMPING-2ND DEGREE E Felony)

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    Default Re: Can a Class D Felony and a Class E Felony Be Dismissed or Drop to a Misdemeanor

    We ask the state for a reason.

    CAN the charges be dismissed? Sure they can. The question is WHY would the prosecutor want to do so? They get paid to prosecute cases, and they especially enjoy cases they can WIN. The chances of dropping depends on the exact evidence available to the state in bringing the case, and obviously only the prosecutor knows those details. If there are issues in addition to the criminal charges (bail jump) that's only going to spur the state to pursue, and NOT drop, the charges. The only two people who can answer your questions are the prosecutor, and your BF's defense attorney, once that attorney has had a chance to review all the state's evidence.

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