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    Default After Recusal, What Happens to Judge's Motions

    My question involves court procedures for the state of: Florida

    This is something I have not encountered before.

    The judge issued a scheduling order which includes a discovery cutoff that is soon.
    One party wants to extend, one doesn't. Party to extend has good grounds.

    The wrench. Motion for Recusal of Judge and Disqualification of Entire Circuit is filed and granted.

    The question: What happens to or what is the status of the scheduling order? It will become impossible because it will take some time to get the out of circuit judge.

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    Default Re: After Recusal, What Happens to Judge's Motions

    I would suggest filing a timely motion to extend discovery and to notice it to be heard by whatever judge is assigned to the case when that happens. If there are other aspects of the scheduling order that you want to amend, you can address them in your motion.

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