My question involves real estate located in the State of: Texas. We purchased the residence in 2004. Our neighbor built the fence in 2001 between our properties and he was aware the he had placed it a foot to foot and a half into his property. The fence lacks thirty feet to reach the front and has been honored as the dividing line for our properties even with other owners. Our survey indicates that the rear of the property is off by one foot to my advantage and then continues in a straight line. The neighbors residence was recently foreclosed and the new neighbors want to move the fence in order to claim the property back. The original owner removed the fence when he left six years ago leaving the fence posts only. I had to replace the fence for I have dogs running lose on our property. The property was purchased and I advised the new owner about the adverse possession due to his renters wanting to purchase the property and wanted to move the fence prior to purchase. He sold the property and the new neighbors are insistent that they own the fence and want to move it to the survey markers. My wife , who is the registered owner on the deed had to call the police this past weekend due to the neighbors again trying to mark their property in relation to the property survey and a their action to install the missing fence and move existing one. We advised the officer about the fence being in existence for over ten years. That it has been honored as the property line for said years. The officer advised the neighbors but i wish to know what course of action is needed to halt ANY FURTHER ATTEMPTS. the seller was aware of the adverse possession for I ADVISED HIM. He further explained to me that he had advised them (new neighbors) at the time that he would refund them their three months rent if this was going to be a problem. They bought it and now to them and now all i here from them is that the mental property markers is the boundry. I am and was aware of this but they can not accept the fact the there are other laws that over ride this by adverse possession which I claim and the person who sold it to them failed to notify them off in order to make a quick sale. What should/can we do at this point.