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    Question My Wife Was Already Married

    My question involves a marriage in the state of: Kansas

    Me and my ''wife'' got married back in march, basically things didn't work out and she told me to go ahead with the annulment process. Before i ever got started with that, i looked up her records on and she was married already in may of 2010.

    So basically there are two records for my wife - one marriage in 2010 and another in march of 2011. There are NO records for a divorce or annulment.

    Does anyone know what will happen once i start the annulment process? Nothing has been done as of yet and I'm wondering what her consequences, if any, would be.


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    Default Re: My Wife Was Already Married

    If she was already married, you never were... no annulment necessary.

    Apparently, the shelf life on one of her marriages is around 6 months, huh?

    Anyway, she IS a bigamist. Ya got that to work with.

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    Default Re: My Wife Was Already Married

    Jeffy, that's not quite accurate.

    They'll still have to formally dissolve/void the marriage - bigamy creates a voidable marriage, not one that is automatically voided.

    As far as the consequences go? Well, that depends on whether or not she actually knew she was still married and not under the assumption that she was divorced (yes, it can happen that quickly!).

    :21-3601. Bigamy
    Bigamy is any of the following:
    Marriage within this state by any person who shall have another spouse living at the time of such marriage;
    Marriage within this state by an unmarried person to a person known to such unmarried person to be the spouse of some other person;
    Cohabitation within this state after marriage in another state or country under circumstances described in subsection 1.1 or subsecttion 1.2 of this section.

    It shall be a defense to a charge of bigamy that the accused reasonably beleived the prior marriage had been dissolved by death, divorce, or annulment.
    Bigamy is a class E felony
    I'd be more concerned with moving on with my life than criminal charges though.
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