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    Default Undiagnosed Heart Problems at ER

    My question involves malpractice by a lawyer in the state of: Massachusetts

    Symptoms for about a month, occasionally experienced pressure on outside of both arms while resting.

    Went to ER on Monday - ekg, blood, xray etc. Told I was fine and prescribed a painkiller i never requested.

    Tues or Wed after minor phys activity - symptoms strongest ever, laid down rest of day.

    Thurs - visit GP, took EKG and asked me if I wanted him to call ambulance to take me to hospital 1/2 mile away.

    Friday - angioplasty and stent placed - heart damaged apparently but not severely.

    Did care fall to level of malpractice by ER doc? I was not exactly happy how all this played out.

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    Default Re: Undiagnosed Heart Problems at ER

    You could request the hospital send/fax a copy of the EKG, blood work, and ER notes to your PCP for review and ask his opinion. There is a reasonable possibility that your EKG from the ER was within normal limits, but the ER Doc could have/should have asked your PCP for a baseline EKG (if available) for comparison.


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