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    Angry Loss of Use Fee for a Rental Car

    My question involves a traffic accident in the State of: South Carolina.

    I was in an accident where the other driver was at fault. Her insurance has accepted liability. Our minivan is being fixed but while it's in the shop, we have a rental car. We have insurance so if anything happens in the rental car, we are covered BUT they say that if something happens to the rental car, while it's in the shop we have to pay a Loss of Use fee of $85/day (that's how much a minivan rental is) since they are unable to rent out the car while it's being fixed. So, they offer an insurance plan for $16.99/day that if anything happens, we will not have to pay the loss of use fee.

    If something happened, I would obviously rather pay $16.99 than $85 BUT I feel i should NOT have to pay this. I did not cause the accident. I would NOT even have rented a car if it weren't for this other driver. Is there a way that I can get her insurance to pay for it? We will have the rental for about 15 days which adds up to $254! That's a lot of money for something I didn't do!


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    Default Re: Loss of Use Fee for a Rental Car

    You can check to see what coverage you have for the rental van through your own insurance. You can explore the possibility of renting a vehicle from a different rental agency with different "loss of use" policies. You are free to ask the other driver's insurance company to pay for additional insurance on the rental vehicle, but I cannot promise that they will be receptive. I would expect not - after all, if you are in an accident in the rental vehicle, that would not be the fault of the driver who hit your car.

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    Default Re: Loss of Use Fee for a Rental Car

    I know that if I am in an accident with the rental car, that my insurance will cover it. I have comprehensive, collision, etc. They want to charge me daily for when the car is in the shop because they can't earn any money on it while it's being fixed. So, let's say it's parked in my driveway and there is a bad storm and a tree lands on it. My insurance would cover the cost of fixing it, BUT I would have to pay additional fees while it's in the shop. This stupid "Loss of use" fee irritates me. My insurance does not cover this and the lady's who insurance is paying for the rental fee said they wouldn't cover it either. It's just a scam by the rental company since they know no one gets their insurance since we already have car insurance. It's all BS. I want to know if I went to a lawyer if I would have a chance to get her insurance to cover this insurance plan while I'm in the rental. They said i HAVE to use Enterprise, so I can't go to another rental place. If I don't pay the $17/day insurance plan, and something does happen, I could be royally screwed! All because this lady hit me and I'm in a rental car, that I don't even want to be in!

    If this lady knew how to look for traffic before crossing a 4 lane highway, I wouldn't be in this stupid rental car in the first place! Now if something else happens to me I have to pay the rental car because they can't rent out the car while it's in the shop? It's ludicrous!

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