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    Default Unhabitable Living Conditions

    My question involves an eviction in the state of: California
    My Friend and I were renting a room from a woman in a mobile home in a park in Northern California under kind of strange circumstances, I'll explain.
    We needed a place to stay and knew of a woman that was in a mental health facility and needed someone to live with her before she could be released from the place and live at home. So we took the offer and moved in and she was released.
    There was no rental agreement other than my female friend would do housework.
    Well, my friend received some backpay from a job she had been working and the crazy lady decided she wanted a part of it and said she wanted rent. Not only did she want rent, she was demanding in a screaming out of control sort of manner. So, I told my counterpart to give her $300 to shut her up and it worked. She continued paying the $300 monthly but also told "the landlady" that if she was paying rent now that the housework would no longer be free and she would have to pay.
    The landlady is crazy and spiteful and just plain mean. She would make unspeakable messes just so someone else would clean them up, EXAMPLE: The landlady would leave the bathroom with feces covering not only the toilet seat but in the sink and the bathtub and all over the floor, she did this EVERY DAY after she began collecting rent. She would also make horrible messes in the kitchen and everywhere else that was a common area. If we wanted to use anything or anywhere in the home, it had to be cleaned and disinfected first....EVERY TIME.
    We have since moved out after being served an eviction notice for failure to pay rent.....we quit paying rent 2 1/2 months before we left because she kept leaving messes and refused to pay for the cleanup of her filth.
    Now, we have a court date coming up and she is suing for back rent.
    I did have the sense to take pictures and have hard copies to take to court of the bathroom with turds in the sink and bathtub and floor and all over the toilet.
    Now my question is this: What can I do in court to keep from paying this monster back rent and possibly even get a few dollars for my friend who did all of the cleaning of the place for six months, including the laundry of the crazy lady.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated, Thanks

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    Default Re: Unhabitable Living Conditions

    If you're not paying your rent, you're not paying your rent.

    If you don't want to live with this person, obviously you're free to move.

    You are free to argue that the woman was making the premises unlivable, and present your pictures as evidence. But keep in mind, she may respond that she knows nothing about it, and that you must have done anything that appears in the pictures.

    Your friend is free to countersue for the supposedly agreed value of her housekeeping services.

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